Top 5 Ways to Find Clients for Marketing Services

It’s still a big surprise for me that many digital marketing companies and freelancers use 1-2 sources to get leads for their services. Mostly they write “expert” posts on their Instagram accounts and wonder why they don’t get leads. Yes, it’s not a bad way to communicate with potential clients, but it’s not enough. It has to work in combination with other tools. Just a website and an Instagram account won’t get you clients.

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In this article, I want to break down a few sources where you can get leads. I’ve had to be on the client’s side. I used to post projects on freelance sites and wait for freelancers to offer their services to me. That’s what I was paying attention to:

  • Feedback. Some of the people who responded had bad testimonials. If I see a lot of bad feedback, I immediately disqualify that candidate;
  • Some examples of work in the first letter. The freelancer must be interested in the work. If he doesn’t share his cases in the first message, I certainly won’t go to his profile to look for them;
  • Personalization. This is a big pain. Many of candidates don’t even read my requirements, but just drop off a template letter. It is likely that they will work on my project using some kind of template, too;
  • Writing style. I like the Friendly style. On a subconscious level it seems to me that it will be easier to work with such people. But this is my personal preference.
  • Should we talk about profile design? I mean social networks, freelance platforms, etc. Do you think there will be credibility for someone without a photo with the name Alex Marketing? Feel free to be yourself. If you have nothing to hide, of course 🙂

I started with these points, because if you do not work on them, then the number of sources for obtaining customers does not matter.

List of sites where you can find clients:

  1. UpWork & Fiverr

Sign up there, set up a profile, prepare your cases. You may think that you can’t find a project without testimonials and ratings, but try to apply some tricks. I’m not implying anything, but you probably have friends who can help you with testimonials.

  1. LinkedIn

I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested to see a candidate’s social activity. Make your account and be active in topic discussions. This is exactly where you can find clients in the discussion of the post.

  1. Facebook

It’s pretty much the same as on LinkedIn, but try to avoid reposting stupid memes and things like that. You’re a business person, aren’t you?

  1. Forums

To be honest, I haven’t tried this method, but it’s worth a try. If you are an expert in certain niches, then register on forums that match your niche. That’s where your potential customers are.

  1. Indeed

This is my favorite. It’s easy – you sign up, set up an account, and look for a work.

Of course, these are not all the ways to find clients. I’ve selected the ones that have worked for me. But you may ask why I am sharing this list and creating competition for myself. Anyway, this article will not read many people. And those who will read it, they will not use these tips anyway.

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