How to Start Your Blog in 2022

I have never promoted blogs using SEO. But I want to try it. I’ll use tips from articles by various well-known SEO experts. An important point! I have never worked as a copywriter, so even writing text will be an extra challenge for me.

How to Start Your Blog in 2022
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I’ve already done:

  • Bought a domain;
  • Bought hosting (the hosting already had WordPress);
  • Installed a couple of plugins: Jetpack and Yoast SEO;
  • Published several articles.

Now I want to read articles by top SEO experts and follow their advice. I’m sure it will take many months to develop my blog and I should have bought a domain with a DA of at least more than 15. Or buy a ready-made blog that already has some number of unique visitors. But that’s not interesting, is it?

Based on the advice of SEO experts, I have a plan of work:

  • Collect a list of topics that I want to write posts on;
  • Collect keywords on the collected topics;
  • Write articles and make a publishing calendar;
  • Invest in blog advertising (I think I should write a separate article about this);
  • Make money from the blog 🙂

I found an infographic. It looks pretty simple, but something tells me it’s not quite like that.

How to start a blog

According to this infographic, I have already covered 7 steps. But I have a lot of work to do on the content and advertising of the blog.

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