How to find your target audience in Instagram?

Choosing your target audience on Instagram is an important stage that determines the results of your promotion. The better and more accurately you work out this data, the more sales and attention you will get. If you don’t know who your audience is yet, it’s too early to start setting up your Instagram ads.

Method 1: Study your subscribers

If you already have some number of followers, you can do some research and study your subscribers’ accounts.

Don’t be lazy to do it yourself, without any services. This will help you make a lot of discoveries. Just open your subscribers’ accounts and look at their age, gender, hobbies, geolocation, and anything else that might be important to you.

Method 2: Competitor Analysis

This method can be successfully combined with the first one, or used separately if you don’t have a lot of subscribers yet.

Identify competitors’ accounts in your subject area and analyze the reactions and common traits of your target audience: comment activity, questions and objections, user accounts and their interests, subscriptions, likes.

Method 3: Finding your target audience on Instagram by setting up an ad campaign

You can find an audience for your ad setup either in the Instagram app or through Facebook Ads Manager.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the Audience section of Facebook Ads Manager. In addition to the basic characteristics of your target audience by age, gender, language, and geolocation, define detailed targeting parameters.

detailed targeting

Suppose you want to show ads to those who are into skiing. In this case, you need to choose interests from the topic of skiing. These can be either very broad interests with a large number of users, or, on the contrary, parameters that will narrow down the audience.

The combination of different characteristics and interests makes it possible to create unique segments of the target audience. My recommendations:

  • Use no more than 1-4 detailed targeting parameters per ad group;
  • Do not mix interests with demographics, job titles, or behavioral factors.

Method 4: Finding a “warm” audience

On Instagram, you can also work with your current audience. This is possible for:

  • Instagram account users over a certain period of time;
  • external site;
  • Facebook business pages.
    Under “Audiences” in the Ads cabinet, click “Create Audience,” and then select “Custom Audience:
custom audience

In the window that opens, select a source to analyze and collect your target audience.

Following the system’s prompts, you’ll create an audience segment based on its interaction with your content or resource, such as those who have watched a video in your account. You can then target this segment with ads and reminders.

Method 5: Finding a similar audience on Instagram

This method complements the previous one.

If you already have a database of website visitors or current and potential customers (e.g. their emails and phone numbers), Facebook and Instagram algorithms will help you find similar users who may also be interested in your product.

To summarize

Understanding your target audience and continually learning about their reactions and feedback provides a lot of important information for developing your project or business and helps you achieve your financial goals at the lowest possible cost.

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