How Long Should a Blog Post Be in 2022

Quality articles are a very important thing when it comes to ranking a site in search engines. So sooner or later you will think about content marketing, an integral part of which is the optimization of articles on the site, including the optimization of the volume of text.

There is a correlation between the length of texts and the age of the domain. On domains that are more than ten years old, the average length of content on pages – more than 2700 words. On new domains that were created less than a year ago, this indicator is less than 1,800 words.

Given this correlation, it is especially important for new domains to create quality, relevant content backed by natural backlinks to rank better than older sites. Otherwise, old trusted sites with voluminous texts may rank higher.

I’m a big Neil Patel fan. And here he gives some statistics based on his experience:

Since I started talking about Neil Patel, he gives another interesting statistic. Let’s see what topics with how many words social media users prefer. The statistics were collected only from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

To summarize

Does the number of words affect search engine rankings? That’s not something you need to think about.

You can find thousands of experts who will talk to you about their cases. Some will talk about a small number of words, while others will talk about a large number. But all will converge on some thoughts:

  • Don’t go overboard with keywords;
  • Optimize your text;
  • Work on the quality of your content.

The number of words does not guarantee success. But to some extent it does matter.

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