How to Rank Fast in Google Search in 6 Easy Steps

Based on my experience, I have compiled 6 important points that SEO specialists should rely on in 2022.

1. Site loading speed

Is it possible to get the maximum download speed? Well .. it is possible to get the most comfortable download speed.

This is an endless point of improvements, but it is still desirable to implement a couple of solutions: asynchronous loading and correct caching.

2. Analysis of site indexing

Without proper indexing, doing anything else is absolutely useless.

There are also problems with the speed of indexing the site: it seems like everything you need is in the index, but only a few weeks after the release. This situation can be for various reasons:

  • small crawling budget;
  • permanent reindexing of non-priority sections.

3. Correct display on mobile

Need comments here? Just don’t forget this point.

4. Micro markup

How to increase traffic to the site? Start increasing your CTR! CTR depends not only on the position, but also on the snippet. Micro-markup allows you to make the link to the site in the search really noticeable.

5. Workability of the site elements

All elements of the site should be up to date and work correctly.

Check SSL, without which your site will not open at all.

6. Content quality

The content must fully meet the user’s needs. The text should be interesting or useful, pictures or videos should be of high quality.

If a webmaster neglects to properly fill his site, sooner or later all the metrics will start to deteriorate. But it’s not enough to fill a site with content – you have to make it high-quality: search robots understand better and better what a user wants when they ask for something in the Google bar.

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